China Glaze- Astro Hot (Hologlam Collection)

Finally a post about this polish! I swatched it and was supposed to post it when I did all my other China Glaze posts but it pushed into my vault.

Astro Hot is part of the China Glaze Hologlam Collection.

1170 Astro Hot

1170 Astro Hot

I have noticed with the China Glaze Holo’s are not that intense, in fact some of them just look slightly pearlescent. So I angled my fingers differently to show you the Holo.

Different Angle

Different Angle

Astro Hot was sent to me by Pink & Purple Dots as part of my China Glaze Box selection.

I have a total of 3 China Glaze holo’s now. If you would like to see the other two swatches see the links below:

Don’t Be a Luna-Tic

When Stars Collide

All the Best



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