MTV Nail Challenge 3. Yellow & Animal Print

mtv-challengeOk so immediately I love this challenge. Animal Print is one of the easier techniques out there and you can make mistakes as no animal print is Identical to the next! (So nobody would know you made a mistake anyway)

I took the opportunity to do this challenge using my glow in the dark polishes as I have not had a chance to play with them yet.

Nail Polishes Used

Nail Polishes Used

For the Mani I used:

Essence Colour & Go 144 Black Is Back

BK Fluorescent Glow in #02, #06, #09 & #13. (You Can Find Them HERE)

3. Yellow & Animal Print

3. Yellow & Animal Print

Then I turned off the light in the room…

Light Out (Passage Light on)

Light Out (Passage Light on)

And then I turned off the Passage light…

Nail Art 117

All Lights off

Sorry its blurry turns out even 1 millionth of an inch in movement throws my camera’s brain for a loop.

What do you think?

Glow in the Dark polish is my absolute favorite polish at the moment!

Take a look at the others doing the challenge:

Passion For Polish

Ordinary Misfit

For the Love of Nail Art

Madness Nails

All the Best



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