An Essence Oldie but Goodie!

A while back I went to my friend’s house for a little visit and she pulled out her polish box and told me I could raid it.

Mostly we had the same colours but I did not have Essence Colour & Go 73 Choose Me! They stopped making it when they had their bottle makeover so I never managed to get my hands on it.

Obviously because I loved it I had to have it! She graciously gifted it to me and now I can blog about it.

73 Choose Me!

73 Choose Me!

Its base colour is a translucent blue and its filled with a gold and green shimmer powder, giving it a wonderful finish.

The colour is stunner but unfortunately it did not work as well as it would have if it was new. I have to go and buy some nail polish thinner so I can restore it to its glory.

What do you think of this polish?

Would you buy it if they launched it again? I would!

All the Best



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