Nail Rehab! (Avert eyes if sensitive to naked nails)

So as most of my dedicated followers will have noticed I have been a little AWOL… If life was as simple as Nail Art & Blogging boy would I be a happy chappie! But alas life throws you curve-balls sometimes and I have had to focus on a few more important things than nail art!

Anyhoo, I have been taking a break from painting my nails all together! They need a good breather every now and then anyway.

Ok so enough of the semi pity party!

A while back Dischem had their clear out sale and I picked up the 2 Step Nail Fixing system for a steal (Even bought a set for the giveaway I had when I hit 200) I finally got around to using it.  I had seen another blogger had done a review on it. She had pretty stained nails and after using the fixing system her nails were almost as good as new.

I am going to be totally honest and say I am that nilly that forgot to base coat when using blue polish… Hello yellow stains!

On top of yellow stains I had been swatching far too much far too often and the acetone took its toll on my poor hands & nails.

So this was basically the perfect time to go to Nail Rehab!

Ok so the fixing system! (Before I get off track again!)

First let’s take a look at my natural nails…

Yellow Stained Natural Nails

Yellow Stained Natural Nails

Scary right!

Then I painted Step 1 of the Fixing System.

Step 1 base coat with its nail strengthening nylon fibers creates a protective shield on the nails and enhances growth. Apply thinly, let it dry & cover the fibers with step 2.

Step 1

Step 1

You can almost see the fibers on my nails, they are really small but it looks like little scratches.

Once Step 1 had dried I painted on Step 2. A protective sealing polish over the nylon fiber polish.

Step 2

Step 2

You can see the difference from my natural nail to this. Please just note this is a quick fix, not a long term solution. To avoid your nails being stained apply a base coat every time you paint your nails. If you are working with a Blue or Red polish double up on your base coat for extra protection!

Finished look

Finished look

While in Nail Rehab I have also “Nubbed” my nails to give them a fresh start and have gone back onto nail supplements to nourish and strengthen my nails.

Anyone that has been doing nail art long enough can tell you this, Don’t get lazy with your nail care routine, If like me you stop for even a week you get slapped back to reality with horrible nails and dry cuticles.  Not pleasant!

So now, after a week in nail rehab I have very little results showing. My nails are less stained and have grown out a little which is good but still have some way to go.

I am lucky enough that my nails grow quickly or else nubbing them would have been a terrible idea!

Who else is sporting naked or nubbed nails?

What are your tips and tricks for Nail Rehab?

All the Best



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