Essie Swatches

I have had my Essie polishes for a long time and swatched them before but never really blogged about them so I decided I would show you some of them.

804 Fear or Desire

804 Fear or Desire

802 Off The Shoulder

802 Off The Shoulder

I am not much of an Essie Fan, I only bought these because they were on sale and because as a nail polish blogger I feel it is my duty to know as much as possible about every polish so that I can actually have a valid opinion.

I find that Essie polishes are far too runny, they require more than 2 coats to look good and the brush is horribly thin. I love a thick brush, its so much easier to apply polish evenly.

I was always under the impression that Essie was a premium brand because it’s prices are so high, but I learned that price does not always = quality.

They really do have a stunning range of colours but its not my brand of choice.

I am rarely this forward about a brands flaws, honesty is the best policy  at the end of the day.

So there you have it.

All The Best



5 thoughts on “Essie Swatches

  1. I must be strange, its my favourite brand. I like the runnier consistency, and Essie never goes thick. I havent bought from them for ages though because since Loreal bought them over I’ve been hesitant cuz they test on animals 😦

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