Guest post by “The Polish Diva”

I’d love to thank my buddy Tyler for asking me to make a guest post on her blog! I’m The Polish Diva, one of her polish blogger buddies from the USA, in grand ‘ole Hawaii. I’m excited to show everyone what I have prepared for you all, you’re gonna love it!

I’d love to show you guys some great polishes from OPI. This is a recent pick that my mom got for me at Ross, a store in the US that sells department store and mainstream store stuff for discount prices. The polishes from from a duo that OPI made for Breast Cancer in 2012.

The two polishes in this duo are called “I Think In Pink”, which is a light pink creme, and “You Glitter Be Good To Me”, which is a pink and purple glitter polish. I decided to do something a little different than I normally do and I decided to do a sorta-gradient, using the pink as a base and the glitter to make the gradient part.

Here is my look:



I really love this duo, it’s super girly and ladylike. I suggest you guys pick this one up if you haven’t. As it is from last year, OPI doesn’t sell it anymore, but if you guys can access Amazon, I know they still sell it there.

That’s all I have to show you guys today, thanks again to Tyler from Polished Tickles for giving me to opportunity to post on her blog and introduce myself to you all. Bye!


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