Updating Polished Tickles

Hello dear readers,

I have already advised on Facebook that I will be taking a break from blogging but I will do so here too.

I have a very scary long list of things that need to be updated on Polished Tickles and so I will be focusing on that until month end.

I have asked a few people to do guest posts for the blog in my absence so that there is still some sort of action on the blog hehe.

In regards to the updates, I plan on creating a back up of posts in case of a nail disaster. I also want to reswatch all my polishes and work through my Nail Art to do list. As well as finish my “Collection” page.

Believe it or not but there is actually so much behind the scenes of being a nail art blogger & collector.

BannerI will still respond to comments & queries.


Have a wonderful Wednesday.

All The Best




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