Nail Polish Storage

I have previously done a post on my storage  but I have moved in with my boyfriend since then and managed to get some shelving for my babies 😀

It took some nagging to get it right but he caved in the end and gave me 3 shelves on his book shelf.

Polish Home

Polish Home

I have only filled 2 shelves so far but have been given strict instructions to slow down! Hmmm I have 1 open shelf left, so that’s maybe 100 bottles or so… Lets see hehe.

Ok I did do some polish spring cleaning & gave a whole load to my friend over at Passion for Polish and another friend who has just got the polish bug. I love that my friends are becoming nail polish addicts with me, because I can go on for hours! hehe



Top Shelf

I keep all my polishes in groups by their brands but I am thinking I should maybe store them by colour.


Bottom Shelf

I have not decided yet but I need to start rotating them more often as I don’t use many of them (That will change soon as I want to complete my Mani to do list before Xmas!)

I really want to start soon but I still have so many polishes that need to be swatched.

I think it is time to buckle down and get going.

How do you store your polish? send me links of your blogs too I am always looking for new blogs to follow.

All the Best





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