Textured Drip Mani’s

So yesterday I showed you the Textured Polish. Today I give you the Nail Art done using the Texture polish and a few others.

First I did a Textured Glow drip Mani!

Texture & Drips

Texture & Drips

It looks pretty plain right? Well then you turn off the lights…

Glowing Drips

Glowing Drips

Excuse the quality of the pic, it was the only one that didn’t blur…

Pretty cool right?

I used China Glaze Unrefined & BK Glow #13 (I still need to swatch this) to get the look.

Drip Mani

Drip Mani

For this mani I used China Glaze In the Rough as the Base colour and China Glaze Unrefined for the drips. I painted the drips a bit thick so it took a while to dry so I took a picture of it semi dry.

So I can now tick Drip Mani’s off my to do list.

Have you done a drip mani?

I would love to see it!

All The Best



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