China Glaze Texture Polishes

I spotted China Glaze Textures on the International market a while back and was intrigued. I finally managed to get my hands on some of my own. I bought them from Maskscara. I would love the whole collection as it is a super cool polish.

The whole concept of how it works is fascinating! It is as if by magic that the polish turns from smooth to textured.

I have this thing about me that must know how things work and so I went and looked into the science of how the Textured polish works. I came up short as there is actually very little about the science but I guess they would like to keep that top secret!

So here is my theory: The polish when wet has what looks like tiny little crystals as they dry the crystals harden and clump together making the polish look like a “Stucco” wall.

Anyway so here is the first one I swatched. It is a pretty pink called “1187 Unrefined” I only used 1 coat on this one as that was actually all I needed to get the desired effect.

1187 Unrefined

1187 Unrefined

I went and read all the reviews on the polish to see what I was in for and I read that yes one coat is perfect but to get as much texture as possible more than one coat is required. So therefore I added and extra coat when swatching “1191 In the Rough”

In The Rough

In The Rough

I have noticed that the drying process is far longer than most, that is possibly the only downer about the polish. You notice that the dry area’s become textured and the wet area’s remain glossy. It took about 15 minutes before I was convinced that the polish was completely dry.

Also the removal process is pretty easy but I noticed the little crystals stayed on my fingers until I washed them off.

That’s all for the Texture Review. What do you think Yay or Nay?

Keep an eye out for tomorrow’s post, it’s going to be all about textured nail art 😀

All The Best



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