China Glaze Glistening Snow

China Glaze polishes have been on my Lust list for over a year now! So when I found Maskscara  sold them just down the road from me I made it my mission to go see them!

When I walked into their offices I swooned at all the polishes they had on Display. If you cannot get to them you can also order online.

While there I bought 4 China Glaze polishes & was gifted a Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat.

Today I will show you 1118 Glistening Snow

1118 Glistening Snow

1118 Glistening Snow

It is absolutely gorgeous! It has holographic qualities and very fine glitter that bounces off every possible light source. When it dries it has a matte finish that is irresistible!

I finally understand why there are so many China Glaze fans in the world. The application of it is so smooth and easy.

I am officially in Love with China Glaze!!!

All The Best



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