Revlon Reds

***Please be advised the Nail Polish in this post was sent to me by Revlon.

I have not always liked Red Nail Polish, but in doing this post I have come to like a dark reds. I am still not a fan of bright  based reds (True Reds), I prefer a blue based red. That is probably because of my fair skin tone too.

Did you know that your skin tone affects how a red polish looks?

If your skin is dark or has golden undertones, bright, true reds look best. To make pink skin look less ruddy, use lighter orange-reds. If you’re pale, the contrast of a blue-red is striking.

Read more: The Right Red Nail Polish – Marie Claire

730 Valentine

730 Valentine

Revlon Nail Enamel 730 Valentine is a blue based red (although my camera flash makes it look bright red) It has a rich red look. This swatch only required 2 coats of polish.

680 Revlon Red

680 Revlon Red

Revlon Nail Enamel 680 Revlon Red is a true Red. It is bright and Vibrant. This swatch is only 2 coats of polish.

130 Velvet Rope

130 Velvet Rope

Revlon ColorStay 130 Velvet Rope is my favorite out of all the reds. It is a deep burgundy shade. This was also only 2 coats of lush colour 😀


How do you feel about Red Polish?


All The Best



3 thoughts on “Revlon Reds

  1. I love red polish! Red is actually my go to nail polish colour! I always find it so strange when people say they don’t like wearing red nail polish haha.

  2. I am kind of obsessed with red. I’m wearing a red holo right now! Revlon’s red shade Frankly Scarlet is one my number one favorite red shade of all time. I wonder how these compare. I wish they’d bring that one back!

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