Sh’Zen Treatment for Hands

I hate washing dishes! But it is one of those things in life you just have to do!

The reason I hate it is because it dries out my hands & nails. I know I should use the yellow gloves but they are so massive they slip off my hands or they fill up with water or leave that weird white grainy residue on my hands, and that drives me bonkers too!

So to combat the horrible dryness I use the Sh’Zen Treatment for Hands once a week or so. It is perfect to make your hands baby soft!

Hand Treatment

Hand Treatment

I use it when I am ready for bed. When you buy it, it comes with gloves. The gloves are basically to help keep the cream on your hands rather than on everything you touch.

The Treatment is thick and takes a good 10 minutes to soak in fully. That’s why I only apply it once in bed. I have nothing else to do except sleep so it soaks in and does its magic.

When I wake up the next morning my hands are incredibly soft and remain soft throughout the day.

The Treatment contains Aloe Vera & Lime Blossom extract, which work to brighten the skin and help prevent the appearance of age spots.

All The Best



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