Franken Polish- “Oink Oink”

Franken Polishes have been on my “To Do” list for over a year now! But I have never had the time to sit and work on a polish.

Well the other day my High Gloss Top Coat finished so I decided it was time to make a Franken.

I went and did a bit of reading before hand just to be sure of what I am doing. I found Dr. Frankenpolish & a post from All Laquered Up.

The Definition of “Franken Polish”: The method for mixing your own polish is to combine different lacquers to create a new shade

Also note Due to the volatile nature of nail lacquer ingredients do not mix formulas from different manufacturers. There is no way to know if they will safely combine.

So here are the Ingredients or my first Franken:

20% Essence Colour & Go 101 Absolute Pure (Clear Polish)

5% Essence Nude Glam 07 Ice, Ice Baby (Milky White)

3% Essence Colour & Go 104 Sweet As Candy (Soft Pink)

2% Essence Colour & Go 106 Free Hugs (Brighter Pink)

25% Essence Nail Art Special Effects Topper 08 Night In Vegas

20% Essence Nail Art Special Effects Topper 12 Holo Topping, Please!

23% Essence Colour & Go 103 Space Queen (Peach Glitter)

1% Black Glitter (Solvent Resistant)

1% Pink Hexigon Glitter (Solvent Resistant)



I added each component a little at a time. I continuously mixed the polish until I was satisfied with the end product.

Front View of Oink Oink

Front View of Oink Oink

Glitter Detail of Oink Oink

Glitter Detail of Oink Oink

Throughout the entire process I tested the polish on my nails. In the beginning the polish was very Translucent, I struggled to get it completely opaque but managed to get it close! I added the glitter last to give it the freckled finish.

I then painted a base coat of white polish to help give the look I was going for.

Oink Oink Swatch

Oink Oink Swatch

My friend asked me to make a blue one in her honor so I will be doing another one soon. I just need to find empty bottles.

What do you think?

Have you ever tried to make your own polish?

Success or Disaster?

All The Best



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