Tip Top Blues

Clicks had a special where you could get 3 polishes. You got the cheapest one free. So to stick to my theme I bought some pretty blues.

Tip Top Blues

Tip Top Blues

First we have Tip Top Nail Chic 974 In The Navy!


974 In The Navy!

I love this polish! I am a big fan of dark blue nails. Its at the “Tip Top” of my list hehe.

Next I have Tip Top Nail Chic 966 Blue Meets Green.


966 Blue Meets Green.

This is also a very pretty blue. In fact I must be honest I love all blue polish.

Last but not least I have Tip Top Nail Chic 991 Blue My Whistle.


991 Blue My Whistle.

These are the first bottles of Tip Top I have personally bought and I was very happy with the formula of the polish. All swatches were only 2 coats with no top coat.

I think these polishes will be perfect for a watermarble mani as they are nice and runny!

Just a tip: When using these polishes do not over load the brush with polish as it will run. Go take a look at how to paint it perfectly here

All The Best




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