Born Pretty Store Holographic Polish #8

Born Pretty Store recently launched their first nail polish, turns out they created Holographic polishes as their first and boy did they do good!

They decided to send out 200 bottles to 200 bloggers for review. I received mine yesterday and swatched it almost immediately!

I have 2 other holo polishes but after using this one I must admit this is a true holo!

BPS Holographic #8

BPS Holographic #8

When BPS offered this awesome opportunity they said that we had to choose the colour we wanted and I chose this one because it is my favorite colour in the everyday world.

When I painted on the first coat I swooned, too beautiful! All in all I found 3 coats gives you the best result. It has a very smooth application with absolutely no streaking and it dries really quickly! I only waited about 3 to 4 minutes between coats. And for me that is a big deal as I am a fairly impatient swatcher lol.

BPS Holographic #8

BPS Holographic #8

I feel like my nails have taken a tropical holiday and you can see into the depths of a crystal ocean.

I am in Love!

BPS Holographic #8

BPS Holographic #8

If you would like to purchase this product you can find it here, they are currently on special at 57% off! There are 12 different colours to choose from.

Do you have any holo polishes? Share your links in the comments.

I am officially a woman obsessed hehe!

All The Best





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