Essence Special Effects Topper 12 Holo Topping, Please!

Last week Thursday I went to the shops and bought myself the “Holo Topping, Please!” polish from Essence. I love Holo Polish but I don’t have very many at all.

I decided its time to up my collection!

I started the Mani with a Base coat of Essence Colour & Go, 111 English Rose.

111 English Rose

111 English Rose

I found that this colour is the closest match to the  Holo Polish. I feel it made the mani that much more beautiful!

I then applied 2 coats of Holo Topping, Please…

Hello Holo Sparkle

Holo Sparkle

Hello Holo

Holo Topping, Please!

12 Hello Holo

12 Holo Topping, Please!

I then wrapped my mani the way that “For The Love Of Nail Art” suggested to make it last longer so I could do a life span test… And I was a little let down.

My Mani managed to survive all the way from the Friday until the Monday (Public Holiday) and then I noticed the chips. As soon as the chips started and I got water on my hands everything just peeled off. It was as if I had the Peel Off Base coat on but I didn’t, I just had a regular Essence Base Coat.

After 3 Days

After 3 Days

You can notice the chips on the corners of my nails.

So what do you think of the polish? And do you have any Holo polishes? I would love to see them xxx

All the Best


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