Summer Nail Art Challenge- Water Marble Technique

Summer Nail Art Challenge

Summer Nail Art Challenge

Water Marble generally gives me the chills, its not one of my favorites… It might just be that I don’t have the right polishes to achieve the desired effect, but I try anyway.

This is actually my third ever attempt. As I always say “Practice makes Perfect”.

Water Marble Technique

Water Marble Technique

I painted a base colour of Sinful Colors 101 Snow Me White before I started the marbling… In the marble mix I used Inglot 715 & Inglot 696.

All was going so well until I had to marble my ring finger and pinkie… My favorite finger is the middle finger, I was going for a floral effect.

Look out for next Wednesday’s nail art: “Inspired by a Bikini”

All The Best



2 thoughts on “Summer Nail Art Challenge- Water Marble Technique

  1. I tried water marbling for the 1st time this week as well.. and it was… pretty disastrous 😛 LOL But I am determined to keep practicing, untill I have mastered the technique!! 😉

    • Hehe my first try was also disastrous. I also want to keep practicing just need to find a polish that works perfectly. I love seeing the colours in the cup. My favorite is to watch the YouTube video’s of the complicated ones its very relaxing!

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