Sinful Colors Review

***Please be advised the Nail Polish in this post was sent to me by Revlon

Sinful Colors has a pretty cool website, you can view all the  colors in their range and they even have nifty tool that if you click on the colour you like the nails on the hand change colour as well as the bottle, you can also adjust the length of the nails and the skin tone of the hand.


Sinful Colors

The thing I like most about their website is that they seperate their polishes into finishes, so if you are only looking for Cream polishes then you click on that tab.

So Revlon sent me 3 Cream Finish polishes and 2 Glitter finishes.

I will start with the Cream Finishes first.

“101 Snow Me White”

101 Snow Me White

101 Snow Me White

This is actually the first solid white polish I have in my collection. I used to only wear white polish on my nails, I thought it was so retro… I love how even this polish looks when applied. I applied 2 coats of polish.

“1104 Daredevil”


1104 Daredevil

Daredevil has a very pretty Pearlescent finish to it, it has a soft blue glow and looks really cool in the light, it shifts from pink to purple. Also it has a very smooth and glossy finish once fully dried.

“103 Black on Black”

103 Black on Black

103 Black on Black

This polish is great, I only put 1 coat on and it was solid black unfortunately when I took the picture the black didn’t look so great when the Flash went off so I added a second coat. If you are just going to wear the polish and not photograph it then 1 coat is perfect. The finish of this polish is high gloss!

Now for the Glitters

“830 Pinky Glitter”


830 Pinky Glitter over Sinful Colors 1104 Daredevil

This glitter is really pretty, it has a very fine texture and a stunning sparkle, there are no chunks or pieces that stick up. It has a very smooth application and a dazzling finish. I love this kind of glitter polish as it is so easy to remove. Only used 2 coats.

“923 Queen Of Beauty”

923 Queen Of Beauty over Sinful Colors 103 Black on Black

923 Queen Of Beauty over Sinful Colors 103 Black on Black

This glitter polish surprised me… When I saw the bottle I cringed as I generally do when it comes to glitter, it looked like it was going to be difficult to use but it wasn’t.  The first thing I noticed it that it doesn’t “Bald” you don’t have to fish around for the glitter, its all right there on the brush. And then it all sticks to the nail immediately. I only used 2 coats to get the finished look.

You can find Sinful Colors at Clicks stores.

All The Best



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