Revlon Nail Enamel Review

***Please be advised the Nail Polish in this post was sent to me by Revlon

Revlon Nail Enamel has a massive collection of 64 colours. They Say- “This expertly developed shade palette has silk-protein shield to prevent bubbles, streaks, and brush marks for a perfectly smooth application.”

They sent me 3 bottles from the collection but I also own 3 Nail Enamel mini’s. The polish is mostly “Creme” but some have pearlescent accents and other’s are Glitter Polishes.

Revlon Nail Enamel

Revlon Nail Enamel

Firstly I have a swatch of 092 Cherry Crush:

092 Cherry Crush

092 Cherry Crush

This Polish is a Cherry Red with a pink/purple Pearlescent overtone.  I enjoyed painting this polish, I have found some polishes with a Pearlescent finish tend to leave an impression of the strokes made while painting. As you can see from the picture… This polish did not.

Secondly I have a swatch of 330 Naughty:

330 Naughty

330 Naughty

At first I thought this polish was grey but when I swatched it I realized it was a smokey purple with hints of a purple pearlescent. This polish didn’t leave any streaks either so the “Silk-Proteins” are doing their job, which is great!

Lastly (And I will admit my Fav!!) is 250 Flirt

250 Flirt

250 Flirt

I love love love this colour!  Its a very cool Shade of Orchid . I wish I could capture its true beauty on Camera, but alas the Camera never translates exactly. I love the way this polish compliments the shape of my nail and almost makes it look longer.

That’s all for the Enamel… Look Out For Sinful Colors Next 😀

All The Best





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