Revlon Colorstay Reviews

***Please be advised the Nail Polish in this post was sent to me by Revlon

Revlon sent me nail polish to review so today I will cover the ColorStay polishes they sent.

All these polishes are “Creme” finishes and have a Gel-like finish. They last up to 11 days if you apply base and top coat! There are 30 bottles in the range. ColorStay is a Formaldehyde, toluene and DBP free formula.

Revlon is stocked in all major stores across South Africa.

Revlon ColorStay

Revlon ColorStay

First we will take a look at 020 Pale Cashmere:

020 Pale Cashmere

020 Pale Cashmere

I really like this polish, its perfect for a French Manicure, its subtle and soft. I painted 2 Coats and was left with a glossy fresh looking nail. It is slightly Translucent in comparison to the other ColorStay polishes I swatched.

I personally find that sometimes a back to basics colour is great to give you that fresh and fabulous feeling.

Next we go to 060 Cafe Pink:

060 Cafe Pink

060 Cafe Pink

I am a massive fan of soft pinks. I love the finish of this polish, this too was only 2 coats. The polish is very easy to apply and is very smooth. I had no trouble with streaking.

Next 050 Passionate Pink:

050 Passionate Pink

050 Passionate Pink

This polish it’s bright and gorgeous! It pops off your nail and says “Im Passionate about Pink” ;p. It is very Opague and therefore I only required 1 evenly painted coat.

“Unique double barrel brush allows for smooth, even, precise application.”- Quoted from Revlon Info Package.

Next 310 Vintage Rose:

310 Vintage Rose

310 Vintage Rose

I like to refer to this as a smokey pink, most people would say a dusty pink but I like being different! It is very vintage looking polish, like it stepped right out of the 1940’s! I would defiantly wear this polish over and over!

And Lastly 120 Red Carpet

120 Red Carpet

120 Red Carpet

I am not a big fan of red polish but I must admit this one really caught my attention! I actually liked the look of it on my hands. Did you know Red is the colour that attracts the most attention! Yup! So if you want to show off a shiny new ring without being obvious, paint your nails Red.

So lets go out and paint the town Red and I will be back tomorrow with a quick review of the Revlon Nail Enamel.

All The Best





5 thoughts on “Revlon Colorstay Reviews

  1. I really love cafe pink and vintage rose. Great everyday nail colours! Hoe many days wear did you get from them, if its any where near 11 days I NEED some of these polishes!

    • I wore Cafe Pink for 2 Day’s (I wore it as a french mani though)… Washed dishes the works, didn’t get any chips and Vintage Rose I wore for 1 day, I broke a nail and that’s why I took the colour off. The Rest were all just swatches

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