Tip Top “Sprinkle Beads- Sexy In The City” Review

Please be advised this product was sent to me by Tip Top.

So Caviar or also known as Microbeads are little coloured balls of glass. Tip Top has a whole range of different colours but today we will be going over the red ones.

When using the Microbeads you must make sure you paint your nails in the base colour and paint a thick layer of polish so the beads stick and stay!

Sexy In The City

Sexy In The City

Sexy In The City

Sexy In The City

Rather paint 1 finger then sprinkle the beads over then move on to the next finger. You will need to do this over a shot glass or a bowl so you catch all the beads that don’t stick to your nail and so you minimize waste.

Once you have finished all fingers you are left with a really funky texture and a attention grabbing look.

Sprinkle Beads

Sprinkle Beads

Sprinkle Beads

Sprinkle Beads

You will then need an orange wood stick or a toothpick and just slowly and gently run it around your nail so that any beads that are out of place can be moved into place. Remember you only want the beads on your nail.

I have worked with various other brands of beads and I have learned that using a top coat to seal the beads is a bad idea as the colour on the beads run. I didn’t try putting a top coat on this mani as I was worried it would do the same, so I cannot advise if its a good idea or not. I will have to get back to you on that one.

You can find Tip Top Products at Clicks Stores and Select Foschini Stores.

That’s all for “Sexy in the City Sprinkle Beads”, look out for Tip Top “Sprinkle Beads- Beauty & The Beach” Review



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