Tip Top “Confetti Glitter- Go For Gold!” Review

Please be advised this product was sent to me by Tip Top.

So today is yet another review. Today we focus on Tip Top “Confetti Glitter- Go For Gold!”

Go For Gold Base Colour

Go For Gold Base Colour

Go For Gold Base Colour

Go For Gold Base Colour

The Gold is really pretty I used 1 coat of the base colour before adding my glitter.


Gold Confetti Glitter


Gold Confetti Glitter

As I said in my post yesterday the glitter is optional, but boy oh boy isn’t it beautiful? Just look how it sparkles… I love Sparkles!

As most nail artists will agree glitter is a pain to remove but when I removed the “Pat on Black” it glided off my nail, there was no effort really. And so I am guessing that to remove this polish & glitter it will be just as easy.

You can find Tip Top Products at Clicks Stores and Select Foschini Stores.

A few tips when using this product.

  1. If you are only wearing the Gold polish, it only needs 2 coats to look flawless.
  2. When sprinkling the glitter, get a piece of paper, fold it in half so you create a groove and then work on a flat surface, hold your hand over the paper and sprinkle, this way the paper catches all the off fall and you just pick the paper up and pour the glitter back in the bottle with no waste.
  3. Top Coat is optional, like I said I prefer not to use but it does prolong the life of the glitter & the mani as a whole. So do what you feel is best.

Keep an eye out, tomorrow I will be reviewing Tip Top “Sprinkle Beads- Sexy In The City”



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