Tip Top “Confetti Glitter- Pat On The Black” Review

Please be advised this product was sent to me by Tip Top.

So today I will be focusing on “Confetti Glitter- Pat On The Black”

I have always been a fan of black polish, I was a fan when it was only worn by “goths” and “emo’s” and I am still a fan today where it is now considered the “LBD” of polish. You cannot go wrong with black polish, it goes with every outfit and looks uber chic, now imagine adding sparkle to the equation… Down right stunning!

Black Swatch

Black Swatch

"Pat On The Black"

“Pat On The Black”

I will be completely honest here and say I am not a fan of glitter, I love how the finished product looks but it is a high maintenance look.

What I like about this product is the glitter is optional, you can just wear the base black coat and leave the glitter off, then when you want to jazz it up for a special event or something you just need to paint the nail and sprinkle the glitter on.

Confetti Glitter

Confetti Glitter

"Pat On The Black"

“Pat On The Black”

I personally do not use a top coat on top of glitter because I feel it takes away from the intended look. But that’s just my opinion 🙂

You can find Tip Top Products at Clicks Stores and Select Foschini Stores.

A few tips when using this product.

  1. If you are only wearing the black polish, it only needs 2 coats to look flawless but you must make sure you let each coat dry properly, I didn’t wait and ended up smudging my thumb.
  2. When sprinkling the glitter, get a piece of paper, fold it in half so you create a groove and then work on a flat surface, hold your hand over the paper and sprinkle, this way the paper catches all the off fall and you just pick the paper up and pour the glitter back in the bottle with no waste.
  3. Top Coat is optional, like I said I prefer not to use but it does prolong the life of the glitter & the mani as a whole. So do what you feel is best.

That’s all for “Pat On The Black” look out for tomorrow’s review on Tip Top “Confetti Glitter- Go For Gold!”



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