Wacky Wishlists

So as a Nail Artist I am always looking to grow my polish collection and so I have a wishlist of polishes I want and every month I tick a few off.

But some of the things on my wishlist are not Nail Polish or even closely related to nail polish but when applying a creative mind it will make sense.

For me the weirdest thing on my wishlist is Craft Scissors. Yes scissors, but they have patterned blades. Let me explain.

I use scotch tape as a type of stencil and if I had scissors that had different blades I would be able to cut out some beautiful patterns and use them as stencils to make funky nail art.

Craft Scissors

Craft Scissors

I have been meaning to buy some but never find a set that has good patterns for a good price.


What is the wackiest thing on your wishlist?

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

I will be swatching & reviewing the Tip Top polishes this weekend. (Its been a crazy busy week at work)


All the best



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