A Beginners Guide to Nail Art & Blogging

Hello Hello 🙂


So when I first got into this whole fabulous world of nail art I was slightly clueless, I searched high and low for info on how to get started and the only way I got it was by asking various established artists questions.

So I have decided that I will make a post with everything you need to know when starting out.

Firstly before you buy your polishes and embellishments you will need the following:

  •  A Camera– This is what you will capture your creations with. Its important that you have a camera that has a great zoom & “macro” function. This function helps keep your picture clear when taking extreme close ups, which you will do 99% of the time. Some of the artists are known to have built their own light boxes, this helps illuminate your hand so you capture the best quality photo’s, I still need to do this. I currently just rely on natural light or a lamp.
  • The Name-  Its really important to come up with a quirky little name for your blog. I spent about 3 days thinking of a name, I would come up with something really cute then Google it to make sure it wasn’t taken, if it was I would go back to the drawing board and try again. Its really important that it be original as people generally don’t like copy cats and as you will see when trying to come up with one, its rather difficult but not impossible! I stared at my hands for hours before realizing that fingers tickle people and tickles make people laugh, And that’s how “Polished Tickles” was born… See 🙂 just be creative
  • A Website/Blog/Facebook ect– This is where you will upload your creations and where people who have interest in your work can follow you and stay in contact with you. If you are fortunate enough to be able to go all out on a custom website or blog from day one that’s a bonus but most people start off with a “Blogger” or “WordPress” or what ever host site you prefer and work their way up to a private domain.
  • Making it “You” – Once you have the first 2 items you will need to think about the image you want to put out into the world. This being the artwork of your blog, your Logo or header and image branding. Now remember this can change whenever, brands get makeovers all the time so I would advise this, pick a colour scheme of about 3 or 4 colours, a font and then you are all set to start. If you are not a photoshop wiz don’t worry, you can do the most beautiful things with just an edited photo. I use PiZap to brand all my pictures with my blog name (Just to prevent theft and also if the picture ever ventures from your blog that you get credit where due) There are also a million and 1 tutorials on how to create your own graphics.

I know what you are thinking… All this and I haven’t even painted my nails yet Don’t worry once you have all this set up you don’t have to do it again 🙂

  • Supplies- So every Nail Artist needs nail polish, that’s a given, but many other things are needed too. You can build up your collection of supplies over time, there is no rush to own every bottle of polish and every type of glitter/stud/fimo ect. Start small, if you are inexperienced on even the simplest of techniques trying to buy everything will overwhelm you.

For starters get these few things and go from there:

  1. – Acrylic Paint (Always comes in handy)
  2. – Nail Art Brushes
  3. – Make Up Sponges
  4. – Various Glitter’s & Rhinestones
  5. – Nail Polish remover & Cotton Balls
  6. – And any other item you feel you must just have.
  • Suppliers- So some things you will see you cant get at your local beauty supplies store and you may need to order them online. My advise from previous experience is this and always this… EBAY = never arriving parcels… Not always but often enough to put me off shopping there with my hard earned rands (Converted to Dollars = very little) and so I would advise using the “Born Pretty Store” as they offer free shipping and they have great flash sales too. If you don’t feel comfortable shopping online there is also what I refer to as “China Town Hunting”, there are stores at your local China Town that will have some fantastic Nail Art goodies if you look properly! I have seen some great stamping plates and glitter/caviar packs going for under R10.00, so go take a look 🙂
  • Finally painting your nails- Rule number 1: Be neat (I’m guilty of being a messy painter.. And a lazy cleaner-upper) if you get some polish on your cuticles or around the nail use an earbud/que-tip or paint brush dipped in Nail Polish Remover to clean it up. Rule number 2: Make sure all your nails are the same length, we all have had that moment when doing something or other we chip or break a nail, if its not too bad file it down and then shape all your other nails to the same length, if you break it really bad I suggest some recovery off time where you don’t post swatches or artwork until you have healed up again. Rule number 3: Do NOT be your worst critic! I am yet again guilty of this! Just because you are not happy with what you have painted doesn’t mean everybody else will hate it. Post it anyway!
  • Practice, Practice, Practice- The only way you get professional looking nails is to practice as much as possible. All those images you see online of perfect nails took tons of practice to get perfect! I keep a book that I call my “Nail Art Bible” in it I stick pictures of inspiration from other artists, I sketch idea’s I want to put on my nails and yes I even have a section that I use for practice. I am the worlds worst “stamper” I cannot get it right but I use my book to practice and one day when I get it right I will write a post about it.
  • Nail Care- Practicing Nail Art even if its once a day puts strain on your nails as nail polish and removers are filled with Chemicals. So take care of your canvas, invest in cuticle & matrix oils and creams. I personally have a massive care routine I follow which includes various diet choices and supplements to help keep my nails (and body) healthy. So you should do so too!
  • Learning & Growing- I suggest to start out with go watch YouTube Video’s and research Tutorials that will help you practice and refine your skills, but if you do so make sure you credit your “Guru” let them know you attempted their tutorial, you never know you could find a fan in them. Plus its a huge honor to be recognized for your hard work, someday you will see 🙂
  • Follower’s & Fans- When you start your biggest fans will be your friends and family, make sure you treat them by painting their nails, it gets your practice up & and a great way to advertise for free, just make sure you get them to “Name Drop”. Also when blogging, the way people find you is by how and what you tag your posts with. I generally tag with the Technique/polish brand/polish colour & name and then any other relevant tag. Obviously you wont tag your nail art with say “Men’s DIY” ect because that’s not your target market. Rather use tags such as “Nail Art” “Girly” ect. Don’t get discouraged by the amount of followers you have in the beginning everyone starts at the bottom. I found that as soon as I had a Giveaway on my Facebook Page my followers increased a great deal. If you are not in a position to host a giveaway don’t worry I had my first one when I celebrated blogging about Nail Art for a Year.

I truly hope this post has helped answer many questions. I am more than happy to help you if you have any queries please feel free to contact me.

All the Best and Good Luck



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