Tip Top Reviews

So last week Tip Top decided they would send me products to review, I am very excited but would like to make a statement on the matter.

Nail Art in South Africa is a growing thing and many companies do not “sponsor” or provide products for review yet as the following is still very small in comparison to the International Market, I am aware of so many International Artists that thrive on Sponsorship’s and do very well.

As I am part of the LB community I have taken a pledge to be honest and open about when I am sent products ect. I have also pledged to be honest about the products I review. I would like to assure you that I will be honest about everything I post and have been up to this point.

And so that brings me to the product 🙂

Tip Top Sprinkles

Tip Top Sprinkles

I have been sent:

  1. Tip Top “Wild Thing Glitter- Platinum Pizazz”
  2. Tip Top “Confetti Glitter- Go For Gold!”
  3. Tip Top “Sprinkle Beads- Sexy In The City”
  4. Tip Top “Confetti Glitter- Pat On The Black”
  5. Tip Top “Wild Thing Glitter- Wasabi Whisper”
  6. Tip Top “Sprinkle Beads- Beauty & The Beach”

I will be reviewing these over this week so expect a busy blog feed.

All the best



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