My nail art firsts

So as I have been playing around with Nail Art for the last year and a bit I told myself that I have not done enough! I always do things then hate it and refuse to post my work, so on  Tuesday evening I told myself I had to try 2 different things and no matter my feelings I had to post the images online. And so I decided that I really wanted to do “Tribal” Nail Art as my first one.

I realized that because I have spent the last 3 months swatching and not practicing I have lost all progress I had made in the steady hand department when it comes to using Nail Art Brushes… Not good!

So below see my attempt at Tribal…

My First Attempt

My First Attempt

As my Base Colour I used: Colour & Go- “142 Grey-T To Be Here” by Essence

And then the Pink: Colour & Go ” 106 Free Hugs” by Essence

Blue: Colour & Go ” 146 That’s What I Mint!” by Essence

Yellow: Colour & Go ” 137 Wanna Be Your Sunshine” by Essence

Black: Rolfes Black Acrylic Colour

And Colour & Go ” 101 Absolute Pure” by Essence.

So as you can see, I need to work on steadying my hand… I must practice more, so expect more nail art regularly!!!


The Second Nail Art concept I wanted to try was the “Dream Catcher Nails”. This is a very simple one and pretty easy to accomplish without too much concentration.

So below see my attempt at “Dream Catcher Nails”…

My First Attempt

My First Attempt

For the Base Colour I used: Inglot 696

The Dream Catcher: Rolfes Black & White Acrylic Colours and for the beads:  Colour & Go ” 106 Free Hugs” by Essence.

I did not use a top coat/gloss coat for this one, I liked the almost “matt-finish” it gave off.

So that is what I got up to this week, I will try out some new things again this weekend… Im thinking maybe “Skittles” 🙂


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