Glow In The Dark Polish

So I have always wanted funky glow in the dark polish. I ordered a bottle from Born Pretty Store last month as a little treat and was really excited when it arrived!

I chose colour #6 because I am a bit of a teal freak and I love how the colour looks on my nails.

#6 Glowing Polish

#6 Glowing Polish

Its a beautiful colour during the day and a freaky/funky colour at night. I love it! I had it on my nails for 5 days before I removed it, that’s a record for me as I change my nails daily.

When the polish is exposed to light (A lamp works great) for even 1 minute it glows bright green but slowly fades to a soft white. It remains glowing all night (I assume so I wasn’t planning on staying awake to check hehe).

Also I noticed that even after washing dishes and general use of my hands it has a great chip resistance! It only started chipping on day 4 and I had not put any kind of Base or Top coat on it.

The only thing I struggle with was when I wanted to remove it. It behaves like a Glitter polish and took me a good 10 minutes to remove it completely.

I have no other complaints and cannot wait to get the rest of the colours!!!

Click here to see the various colours or to purchase 🙂


All the best xxx



2 thoughts on “Glow In The Dark Polish

  1. Love glow in the dark polishes, I got the China Glaze one, and it’s super fun to use. Especially for a fun night out or a Halloween Party. Gorgeous colour ! ♥

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