Essence Breaking Dawn Part 2 Collection

I had the pleasure of reading the books and falling in love with the characters many years ago before it became a massive pop culture following and this was all long before I became obsessed with nail polish & all its glory.

So imagine me already obsessed with the “Cullens” and newly obsessed with Nail Polish coming across the “Breaking Dawn Part 2” Collection by Essence… I was in my element I tell you!!!

So below I give you the swatches & what I think of the polishes.

Breaking Dawn part 2 Collection

Breaking Dawn part 2 Collection

Firstly we start off with “Jacobs Protection”

01 Jacobs Protection

01 Jacobs Protection

“Jacobs Protection” Brings you a dark shimmer blue that gives off a sparkle of blue & black shimmer. It has a very smooth finish but it does take rather long to dry if you compare it to other Essence products.

Next I give you “Alice Had A Vision- Again”

02 Alice Had A Vision- Again

02 Alice Had A Vision- Again

“Alice Had A Vision- Again” is possibly my favorite out of the collection. It is also a Shimmer polish, same consistency as “Jacob’s Protection” but obviously in Purple.

Next “A Piece Of Forever”

03 A Piece Of Forever

03 A Piece Of Forever

As Golden as the Cullen’s abnormal Vampire eyes! I love this polish it is a beautiful colour. It makes me hungry for a deer… Only Kidding! The only thing I don’t like about it is that you can see the brush strokes due to the type of polish it is. But very easy smooth application if you do it right. It dries faster than the other polishes in the collection.

And Lastly “Edwards Love”

04 Edwards Love

04 Edwards Love

“Edwards Love” almost gives off a look of a textured polish but it is not its smooth but because of the black and copper shimmer in the polish it makes it look textured.

So that’s the Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 collection by Essence.

Hope you enjoyed the read.

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